Therapeutic Care at Whitian House


The following is a list and short description of the groups currently offered weekly at Whitian House:

Relapse Prevention Skills (RPS)

– This group, created by Whitney Post, offers participants Relapse Prevention and life enhancement information & skills, delivered within the traditional Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) modules (Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness).

Conflict Resolution For Recovery & Relapse Prevention (CRR)

– Whitney Post was trained by this treatment paradigm’s creator, Cynthia Moreno Touhy BSW, NCAC II, SAP, as a trainer and group facilitator of CRR.  This manual-based treatment aims to assist group participants understand and deal with conflicts in their lives that have been perpetuated by their lifestyle choices (including, but not limited to, substance abuse issues).

Domestic Violence Treatment (Male / Female-specific groups)

– Domestic Violence treatment at Whitian House is approved by Colorado DVOMB, and is facilitated by Tom Chatfield.

Strategies for Self-Improvement & Change / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (SSC)

– SSC-trained group facilitators, Whitney Post & Suzanne Sterling, bring cognitive behavioral / SSC material to this group, which is designed to teach group members about the role their thinking plays in their world; more effective thinking strategies; and skills they can develop & learn to use to enhance their lives.  SSC group is at least (subjective) 20 weeks in length.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills (DBTS)

– Originally created by Marsha Linehan Ph.D. to use with individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, the (cognitive behavioral treatment modality) DBT treatment paradigm is now being used to effectively work with a variety of populations, especially those individuals who are dually-diagnosed.

Level II DUI Education & Therapy

– OBH-trained DUI Treatment provider, Suzanne Sterling, is currently facilitating both treatment groups at WH.


*Intake and Individual Session fees WILL BE CHARGED upon the 2nd missed appointment (if the client is at fault).

*Whitian House prides itself on offering multiple resources, beyond treatment, to clients (including help with resumes, job and housing search information, male and female clothing-program referrals, and so on).

*Current and former clients of Whitian House are invited to enjoy no-cost Sober-Socials, on a monthly basis, sponsored by the agency, and including a meal and activity and/or guest presentation. 

Direct any feedback, comments, and/or questions to the WH Clinical Director for prompt information regarding your requests –
Whitney Post MA, MAC, CAC III, ATP
[email protected]